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hello im still a little confused on all this stuff. I want to put a ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    HELP with MP3


    hello im still a little confused on all this stuff. I want to put a MP3 on my phone. Does the mp3's off itunes work fine. If so how do i from there put it on the phone. When i plug the phone into the computer there is a removable drive or something in the mycomputer but i cant open it. If the MP3's dont work from Itunes then i have the converter. I just need to find out how to get all the music on my phon. The phone that i have is a curve 8320

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    Are you using a memory card? If not then I would recommend getting one. Then when you hook your computer and the berry up allow mass storage mode to be turned on by selecting ok. Then you should be to explore your memory card.
    At that point you can open up the blackberry /music and drag and drop your MP3s there. If they are protected files purchased from iTunes they likely are not compatible.

    Hope that helps. Let us know if you need more help. Regards cHAd ~via BB (

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    Options.... Multimedia card.... Compatibility for storage mode has to be sllowed also compatibility for external storage.

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