Hi BB Storm Experts,
I'm hoping you can help me. I am new with my BB Storm, so please bear with me. I have two questions:

1.) I thought I would be able to edit my music folders to name them as I want. But, am I stuck with what/where BB determines my music is?? (which is kind of rediculous when the BB puts something like Edith Piaf (music from the 1920s and 1930s) in to the folder that's called "New Artists". It's just kind of mind boggling. I know on my regular MP3 player, I can re-arrange and call my folders whatever I want... right from my Windows Explorer and it works fine. But, no matter what I try in BB, it doesn't work.

So.. ok.. here's what's even MORE confusing to me. I have songs I have sync'd over from my iTunes. My Storm put the files on my SD cards in my: \BlackBerry\music\Media Sync\. So, when I go to the MUSIC icon on my BB, it plays those songs just fine.

Now, I had a CD of my own which I then used the Desktop Media Manager (Roxio) to put that music in to the VERY SAME directory. HOWEVER.... when I click on the MUSIC icon, my Storm does not show the songs. BUT... if I click on "Media" and then Music, it will show them... BUT... it says something like, "There's no PlayList here". ?? I'm just really lost on this.

What's that all about?? I have music all in the same place, but have to go to one place to listen to some, and another place to see if they're on there, but they don't play?!

See now why I am baffled about the entire folder structure?? It shouldn't be this difficult and surely I am just not understanding something.


I opened up my Desktop Software tonite to work in the Roxio some. But for some reason, the link is grayed out and I can't click it. I can click the V-Cast (which I don't use anyway), and I can click the Blackberry Media Sync. But, not the actual button for the Media Manager.

Any help you experts can offer is greatly appreciated.