After several days of troubleshooting, accessing Engineering Screens and changing settings, after several hours on the phone with Blackberry Tech Support, after trying 3 other computers, with NO success, I was able to finally FIX my non connection issue. I got a NEW DATA CABLE. It was the last thing I tried, because the other data cable WAS charging the phone, so I assumed the data cable was OK. I can not believe I failed to check the data cable. Completely ignored the golden rule of "rule out the obvious first"

At any rate, thought I'd share this with everyone; it solved my problem when nothing else would. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND getting a Blackberry data cable. While most data cables usually work with most devices, some do not. Some are for charging, and charging only, with no capability of transferring data. This is usually common sense, but can happen to anybody. Hope this helps everybody! good luck.