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Is anyone else using their devices for mp3 players? I have an 8gb sd card ... BlackBerry Multimedia forum

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    Better Shuffle


    Is anyone else using their devices for mp3 players? I have an 8gb sd card with so far over 900 songs (and many more to come!) but when I was running 4.3 the shuffle sucked. It kept playing not only certain artists, but the exact same songs by the artists. I just thought my berry had an affinity for Evanesence, Eve 6, Disciple, and Three Days grace. Over 100 other artists and it kept playin certain 3 songs off each artist. Well OS 4.5 seems to have fixed that issue and I now have a good shuffle feature that really keeps my musicd genres on its toes. Anyone else see this? Well regardless, RIM thank you for 4.5!
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    Haven't transferred my tunes to the device yet, but thanks for the insight. Looking forward to it!

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    I don't like using my phone as a mp3. I find when playing the mp3 on my pearl it sometimes freezes up. I have a 4gb card, and that is where all my music is stored, I mean I have a MP3 player so I don't really need to use my phone as one.

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    I agree that the shuffle performs much better than in previous versions but I miss the ability to shuffle by folder. Before upgrading to 4.2 and 4.5 on my 8800, I remember being able to view music by folder. Once in a folder you could shuffle just that folder.

    For example, I have several albums on my media card then I have a folder called various with just single tracks by multiple artists. I use to be able to go into the various folder and just shuffle it. Now I can only shuffle the entire collection on the media card. The workaround is to start with a clean play list and add all the tracks in the various folder to the play list then shuffle it. Of course I could do this in advance and just shuffle my play list but that takes planning and if I quickly add some tracks then head out the door it's not happening. Maybe I'm just missing the option on the device, looked everywhere with no luck.

    Anyway, I miss that small feature of the media player but am happy with the improvements since its initial introduction.

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