I have been all over the boards and cant find my answer.

Basically, I have 2 questions, 1) what is the limit for recording on a 8320 running .69? when trying to go the distance, e.g. 30 mins and on, it says that it is saving but then when I try to review the saved file its missing. I can do a 5-10 min and that's no problem, I can save and review. How can I record longer than a few mins and have the 3gp.rem file there since it seems that i need it?

2) I have searched in my memory and have found that a recording I made (2 hours long) was taking up space in my mem card. The problem is that in order to see it I have to explore in the mem card, and more importantly, it shows 3gp.rem and a 3gp.lock3 for a video that I have recorded earlier (3 mins long) but when I recorded the 2 hour, it only shows a 4 gig file ending in 3gp.lock3. I try to play that file and it comes back as wrong file type. What do I need to do in order to play the 3gp.lock3 file?

P.S. I have encyption enabled and for my media files as well.