Well I bugged Verizon for a month straight for the handheld code and first they promised to have it posted by 3-1-2005... Then a tech told me to "just load the 7750 software as it is 4.0 too" :-) hehehe yeah right.

Having no luck with Verizon, yesterday I started a TSupport call with RIM. They initial told me the expected "talk to your carrier", but after a few rounds of emails with the last from me being a spill about how "RIM needs to take some position of authority with carriers that resale devices with RIM's name on it.", today I get an email back from them that says:

Thank you for contacting BlackBerry Technical Support. We are pleased to assist you.

The latest version of the BlackBerry handheld application software for the BlackBerry 7250 Wireless Handheld has been posted on Verizon's website.


Maybe Verizon was going to post it anyway but a little yelling and screaming never hurts. :wink:

Gerald W. Gaston