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I bought a 7290 a week ago. It's having some problems keeping the signal. I ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    problems with signal


    I bought a 7290 a week ago. It's having some problems keeping the signal. I can get the signal with my 7230, and my other phones, but the 7290 will hold it for a second, then lose it and either show SOS or X and No Service.

    I called Cingular and they said send it back. Well, that's not really my favorite option right now. So I need to narrow down what the problem could be. Is it possible that it's a software issue? Or is it a hardware issue?

    I've already wiped the device and reinstalled OSes til I'm sick of it. I tried old ones, and I tried the newest (from Cingular--4.1 maybe?). Seems the same on each version. Kinda makes me think it's not software, but man I hope it is.

    If it's hardware, could I take the thing apart and wiggle the antenna or anything like that to fix it? It was a used device, and I bought a warranty, but that doesn't kick in until day 61 from purchase. Well, everything else works, and I have extra phones, so I'm thinking I can just wait it out til then. But I'm impatient.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm willing to try the most severe fixes.

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    Re: problems with signal

    mattkbryant, Welcome to PinStack.

    Sounds to me like, since you"ve already gone through the OS reloads, then it a hardware problem, and there's probably nothing that you can do about it without a good electronics tool kit and some costly test equipment. And then you would need to know where to look with the test equipment. I think your best bet if follow the advice os Cingular.

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    Re: problems with signal

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