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guyz i need you help. I was installing an appliction on my Blackberry 7230 and ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    Question i need help with BB7230 and error 400


    guyz i need you help. I was installing an appliction on my Blackberry 7230 and all of a sudden a dialog bos with a display Device error 400 reset. i have done everything but is not workiing. Is still showing it. What should i do
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    Welcome to pinstack. Try the instructions found here:

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    Hi conniebell, you have a classic BlackBerry there! The 7230 was the very first BB with a color screen, perhaps the first hint that RIM was ready to think about moving beyond "business-only" devices. The 7230 (the "BlueBerry") is a very strong PIM device (Calendar, Tasks, Password Keeper, Memos, etc), great with push email and a great phone. As a matter of fact, the BlackBerrys of that day were so strong in organizational skills that there is virtually no difference in the PIM applications then and the ones in the newest BBs! It is a texter's dream machine with the QWERTY keyboard. Problem is that it has very, very little memory - even relative to when it was introduced - and so it is very difficult to find applications that are small enough to install on it. My suggestion, if you like to install and use new aps, is to upgrade to a newer BlackBerry or you may encounter the Error 400 more frequently than you like . . .

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