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Dear all, please let me know the procedure on how to reset the password in ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    how to reset 8700 or reset password ?


    Dear all,
    please let me know the procedure on how to reset the password in case if somebody forgot their device password and also let me knowhe NUKE, how to reinstall the operating system if a NUKE has to be performed. On one of our employe's unfortunate demise, one of the 8700 is rendered completely useless due to the device password. So please advice on how to make the same useful. We use a BES. Would highly appreciate your response.

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    Re: how to reset 8700 or reset password ?

    If you enter the password wrong 10 times it will go through the "wipe" process and the BlackBerry will be returned to the factory defaults.

    Does that help at all?

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    Re: how to reset 8700 or reset password ?

    Yes, you don't need to enter your password 10 times and then reload it if you are using BES. There is an option in the BES to reset the password and lock the handheld.
    In BES click on the user and then expand IT Admin. From there select Set Password and Lock Handheld.

    After that, you can wait or reset the blackberry (take out the bettery and put it back in again) and try your new password.

    Once you reset the password there, you will be able to gain access to the blackberry and change the password in the security settings.

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    Re: how to reset 8700 or reset password ?

    I see how to erase information on my 8700 by using the trackwheel and also the desktop manager. I did it with the DM and everything came of the handheld, as far as themes, pics, messages, but I still saw some icons on the handlheld like google map, google messenger, berry 411, etc. So I reconnected (after it was wiped), went in to load apps, and checked off the items that were still listed there (and also showing on my handheld's desktop). It worked and took them off.
    Im doing all of this because the trackwheel on the handheld broke, therefore I cant depress the trackwhell to do any higher level activities like change an option. I just got a 8820 and my IT department is activating the connectivity.
    My password security is still operational on the handlheld and I was wondering if there was a way to disable the password option without using the trackwheel? I went into the DM and dont see any way there. Is there another way? I know I could let the IT guys take care of it (as they are just going to send it back to ATT so it can be refurbished) but I like to do these things myself so as to get better educated.

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