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Our office just replace our Deaf staff's Sidekick 3's (50+) with BB 7250's this week. ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    Smile GoogleTalk on 7250...traceable??


    Our office just replace our Deaf staff's Sidekick 3's (50+) with BB 7250's this week. Sigh, no more private conversations w/o big brother watching and I find it hard to believe the BB is cheaper than the $25/month they negotiated for our corp contract w/Tmo...but I digress....I got qq's as is the first time I've used the BB on BES.

    We were not told what is or is not blocked on our device , so I've been messing around w/it to see what I can/can't do. I downloaded internet relay no problem (whew, that's a lifeline ).. However I was told I don't need to use the BB Desktop software cause IT has 'done everything I need and they said we don't need it' to use at our desktops. After some fooling around -- SMS and Yahoo IM applications have been blocked by IT policy, and I can't forward any personal email accounts to the BB like w/BIS. Some download sites for pics and themes were also blocked so still looking for a good theme/backround I can access OTA (and live with).

    I was able to download and install GoogleTalk and was wondering if this is traceable (ie readable by IT) or if it just shows up as data? Any other ideas or ways to use IM type services in such a way that they will not be traced to IT is great as my personal relay ph nbr is linked to IM services.

    Any help/tips/tricks would be appreciated.

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    Re: GoogleTalk on 7250...traceable??

    Welcome to Pinstack!
    No the text won't be "traceable" by IT not to worry

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    Re: GoogleTalk on 7250...traceable??

    Hello and welcome to pinstack. I think its all trial and error. Keep trying to do what you want and if it doesnt work move on to the next...

    Take a look here, it make spark some interests...

    Also if you want tons of ringers visit

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