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I bought an Cingular off the net. Works fine as a phone and for storing ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    E-Mail - Unlocked T-mobile 7290 in Ireland


    I bought an Cingular off the net. Works fine as a phone and for storing addresses. I haven't a clue though how to set up E-Mail. I'm on O2.

    Is it a case of having to subscribe to their Blackberry service, or can I set up e-mail (like on an XDA) without a subscription?

    That's probably a general question i.e. If I have a Blackberry and need to use e-mail, do I have to subscribe to a carriers Blackberry service?

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    Re: E-Mail - Unlocked T-mobile 7290 in Ireland

    Hi pakel, welcome to pinstack. In order to utilize the BB's capabilities you must have a data plan, which will allow you to browse the internet and send and receive email. I hope this helps.

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    Re: E-Mail - Unlocked T-mobile 7290 in Ireland

    ~via BB (


    But not merely a data plan, a BlackBerry Data Plan.

    Best to talk to a live person with your carrier; if you're unsure of what constitutes a BlackBerry Data Plan then you may sign up for the wrong thing and be disappointed.

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    Arrow Re: E-Mail - Unlocked T-mobile 7290 in Ireland

    BlackBerry Internet Solution™ from O2 Unlimited

    BlackBerry Internet Solution™ from O2 Unlimited

    All prices shown are inclusive of VAT.
    This tariff is available on its own or with an eligible voice tariff. With a new business voice contract or for a BlackBerry only contract a minimum term of 12 months applies. With a new consumer voice contract a minimum term of 6 months applies. During the minimum term you cannot move to BlackBerry Internet Solution on O2 Pay as You Use. If the tariff is added to an existing voice contract, the minimum term shall be equivalent to the longer of the original minimum period remaining on the voice contract and; the minimum period for connection to the BlackBerry Service.
    This is available as a BlackBerry only tariff, and on all new O2 pay monthly consumer voice tariffs and on business voice tariffs - Mobex and Best for Business. This package gives you unlimited BlackBerry Internet Solution data, which includes sending and receiving emails, downloading attachments, browsing the web and Yahoo! Instant Messaging*.
    £10.00 (inc VAT) per month with new O2 consumer tariffs on £30 subscription a month and above, Best for Business tariffs (excluding secondary subscribers) and Mobex.
    £15.00 (inc VAT) per month with new O2 consumer tariffs on less than £30 subscription a month and Best for Business secondary connections or as a BlackBerry only tariff.
    * Fair usage policy - 75MB a month applies. Integration of email accounts with the BlackBerry Internet Solution is subject to your email service provider and/or company IT infrastructure and policy. Yahoo!® Messenger is currently free to download and until further notice charges for usage are included within your monthly tariff. O2 reserves the right to introduce charges for, and/or withdraw the use of, Yahoo!® Messenger upon 30 days notice. If you do not wish to pay for Yahoo!® Messenger you may terminate your use without of Yahoo!® Messenger but shall not be entitled to terminate your BlackBerry Internet Solution contract.
    Are you the kind of person who:
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    If you are, then this is the ideal BlackBerry tariff for you.
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    Option 2

    A per megabyte charge for BlackBerry data roaming usage based on O2's Mobile Web Charges and Zones as shown below. The per megabyte charge will only be raised if you roam. This is the default, standard roaming charge on BlackBerry Internet Solution with the O2 Unlimited tariff.

    Roaming usage Cost per MBMinimum daily chargeMobile Web Zone A£7.05 inc VAT200KBs, £1.37 inc VATMobile Web Zone B£5.29 inc VAT200KBs, £1.03 inc VAT
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    BlackBerry devices

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    For full pricing information and terms, please download the BlackBerry Price List.

    ©O2 LTD. All rights reserved

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