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This is actually a 2 part question Is there anyway to backup/restore saved messages on ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    Can you backup/restore Saved Messages?


    This is actually a 2 part question

    Is there anyway to backup/restore saved messages on your Blackberry? The ones that are set to "saved" on the BB itself. I figure it would come over if you do a full backup but I was wondering what choice I would choose if doing an advanced backup. I know I can pull over messages, calender, etc.... but is there anyway to just pick the saved messages.

    My dillema is I seem to have a lot of issues backing up 6280's & 7290's with 4.0 software and then restoring that data to a 7290 unit with 4.1 software. The browser goes away and the HRT's have to be re-registered, the messages are unable to move over, etc.. Has anyone ever ran into this? It seems like the versions aren't compatible and I recieve error messages like, "unable to write application data" or when choosing the .ipd file today I received, "Not a correct database file/version found" (the errors might not be 100% correct but thats what I remember).

    So I guess my questions are, can only "saved messages" be backed up and restored? Are there issues backing up and restoring from 4.0 to 4.1? Everybody is always a big help, thanks again in advance.

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    Re: Can you backup/restore Saved Messages?

    All I can say is yes it is possible. But the steps to take im clueless on. Trust me, someone will be along shortly that will be able to explain it to you.

    And welcome to the stacks.

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    - Connect your BB with Desktop Manager
    - Backup/Restore
    - First, Perform a full system Backup of the existing device and name the file accordingly.
    - After a full system backup
    - Click on the Advanced Button
    - You will see a list of DBs on the left and right side that are either greyed out or fully black. The black ones are capable to be individually restored, deleted, etc. The greyed out ones are not individually managable.
    - You should see Saved Messages as an item that you can take an action with.

    I'm not sure what you want to do with it from there....

    That will do it.

    Also, if you ever run into a scenario that you can't delete a message from a blackberry (it just won't go away), you can perform the same process and "Delete" the saved messages from the unit and they will go away.

    Good Luck.

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