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Is there a setting etc on the BB 7290 that I need to check/uncheck to ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    Is there a setting etc on the BB 7290 that I need to check/uncheck to be able to view .jpg .bmp (pictures) I am not on BES and it's just my personal Tmobile Cell phone, (no corporate ties etc etc) When I email myself a picture attachment it only has text (in the place holder, where there should show a .jpg) attachment, Any help at all on this issue would be appreciated by you BB Gurus! thank you!

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    Hi otisdr. What version OS do you have on your BB? have you tried other attachments? Do you have the attachment service under applications?

    Let us know and we will figure this out.

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    Have you scrolled to the text where it says attachment FileName.jpg and clicked on it? Do you have an option to Open Attachment when the Menu opens?

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