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is there a device that allows you to use non bluetooth devices on units such ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    Bb 7520...


    is there a device that allows you to use non bluetooth devices on units such as blackberrys that use blue tooth ?

    for instance, i want to use a regualr headset on my blackberry that is not wireless., however, i want a wireless bluetooth adapter to plug it into, so it will be bluetooth wireless to the blackberry..,

    why do you say...>????
    because, for one, i hate the bluetooth headphone things that are that growth looking thing you put in your ear and having it hanging around.., i like a simple old style headset.., with a headphone over one ear and a mike down hear your mouth.
    that is why i ask.


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    Re: Bb 7520...

    I am not that familiar with full keyboard devices but I don't think that device would support a BlueTooth headset, or a dongle or whatever it's called. If you want a BlueTooth enabled device, your best option would be to upgrade to a newer BB. I don't know much about Sprint-Nextel either but I am almost positive that the 7100i or 8703e are BT enabled. (cp6169?? LOL Where are u?? LMAO)

    Why do you want a wired headset and an adapter when there are wireless BlueTooth headsets? That defeats the purpose.

    There are BlueTooth headsets that have the the boom that folds down, but I don't like that style. I have the Motorola H500 and love it. I don't talk on the phone that much but when I do, it works perfectly. It feels a little funny, like it wants to slide off my ear any minute while I'm wearing it (is there a way to correct this or make it fit tighter?).

    Hope this helps and I am sure another Stacker who has more experience with these BB's will come along to offer more input.

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    Re: Bb 7520...

    There are many bluetooth adapters, but they dont have a spot to plug in a headset. I understand your request, and I think your best bet would be the Jabra Bluetooth.

    It has a boom boom as you requested, and it lays flat against your ear so it doesnt protrude and look alien-like.

    Whatchya think?

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