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Intellisync grabs only the Business Address from Outlook for my 7290 contacts, no Home Addresses. ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    7290 synchs only 1 address


    Intellisync grabs only the Business Address from Outlook for my 7290 contacts, no Home Addresses. I've tried checking the Home Address as the mailing address in Outlook, but that hasn't helped.

    My IT folks downgraded me to 4.0, saying we didn't support 4.1 - I think that means I can get only 1 address. If so, I'd prefer to get Home, not Business. Any ideas? Thanks.

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    Re: 7290 synchs only 1 address

    Not sure, why you are only getting one address, I haven't checked mine, but you should be able to change the Mapping in the advanced settings of configure sync in Intellisync.

    Hope this helps
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    Re: 7290 synchs only 1 address

    I have had a problem a bit like this on my 7230. First it wouldn't let me load anything then I did a Restore and it only loaded one address. I deleted that and did a restore again. It did the samething again, so I clicked restore and it loaded a second address, and so on until I had the whole address book back.

    Then being a total idiot I ran a backup and it wiped the address book!!!

    So feeling like I wanted to throw the 7230 through the screen in front of me, I started again. This time it wouldn't let me do anything. So I went into Securety and clicked on Wipe, well what had I got to loose?

    The 7230 sat there with the hourglass turning, I thought I had really messed up, well when you don't know how these things work and the help you get with it is a foldout card what do you do.

    I was looking for a link to download the OS when I glanced at the BB and there it was with all its Icons intact.

    I looked at the Desktop Manager and found the Restore button was no longer dimmed out so I hit it. Low and behold the restore did just that and all may addresses from Outlook were there on the screen.

    So if you do have a problem it maybe just a case of wipe and restore, it worked for me. Just make sure you have everything backed up before you do.

    All the best.

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    Re: 7290 synchs only 1 address

    I just got a BB 7290 from EBay and spent an hour at the cingular store getting my bb email account set up. I had no browser icons on the screen, but she had sent me 2 successful messages. I get home, turn it off, then it lost the data connection. After trying everything I could think of, I decided to wipe it. I've been sitting here 20 minutes and still have the hourglass. Does anyone out there have an idea of how long this will take_I really need some sleep...

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