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I recently got a data plan for my BB 7290, and they pushed all the ... Blackberry 7700/7200 & older forum

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    7290 Browser HELP!


    I recently got a data plan for my BB 7290, and they pushed all the necessary service books to me, and when I go to "Host Routing Table" and "Register Now", the browser still does not appear. I have tried seveal times to Register and still nothing, I was on the phone with cingular reps, and RIM reps for 3 hours, and we were not able to find out why my browser was not appearing. These are example of what they told me to do:

    1) Check to see if there are any hidden icons
    Result: None

    2) Check to see if all Service Books are checked
    Result: All are checked, they seemed to emphasis on the IPPP for BIBS, which IS checked

    3) Hard Reseted..several times
    Result: No Change

    4) Removed current OS, and reinstalled the new OS off the Cingular Site
    Result: Really long wait, but no change

    5) Check IT policy
    Result: It is at default, if it were locked in any way, some of the service books will have a red "X" on it instead of the check. ALL of the service books are checked.

    My solution was to download Opera, which IS working. I am able to get on to websites using it, but I can not download any software OTA, and when I try to, A message pops up saying "Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries." And it does, since both Cingular and RIM pushed the service books several times to my BB, and they told me that i DO have the necessary service books. I really would like to be able to download OTA, since i AM paying for the data service, but that is not possible through Opera, i need the blackberry browser. Any ideas? Please help

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    Re: 7290 Browser HELP!

    I would call Cingular Customer Service back, specifically asking for Data Device Support or selecting the option for 7290 if it is mentioned in the recording. I would tell them what has been done and keep at them if they don't get it working. If the rep doesn't have something that you haven't done, ask for his supervisor.

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    I have this # for BlackBerry Support thru Cingular >>


    Try that!

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    Re: 7290 Browser HELP!

    try resending your service books if you havent already

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