The old AT&T Wireless Blackberry (BB) Desktop and also handheld software downloads are now discontinued. If you would like to download the new BB v4.0 Handheld and desktop applications please follow this link:

Handheld 4.0 adds few new and very useful features such as, the ability to use certain BES-only applications without BES and just with regular Web Client service. (This is done via the new TCP settings used in 4.0 - Documentation can be found on RIM’s website). In addition the BB 4.0 gives users the ability to save pictures locally, save passwords/credit card #’s etc in a secure encrypted “password keeper”, the ability to attach a device to the BES environment OTA with no need for USB registering of the device onto the MS Exchange list. (Useful for traveling persons who replace a device and can’t return home to be added to BES) For new BB users there’s now a built in help/FAQ that covers all aspects of the device and its services. There are a couple more enhancements but you’ll probably find them.

Remember 4.0 is a bit more memory intensive so be wary of installing them on 16MB series models of the BB. It will work very slow if you have a lot of emails, phone logs, contacts and calendar data. The 7290 and other 32mb BB’s are best suited for v4.0. 7290 runs (4.0.274) As usual you can choose what applications are installed saving more memory.