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I have a new BB 8820. When I plug it into my mac's usb it ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    USB charging - power not sufficient


    I have a new BB 8820. When I plug it into my mac's usb it syas pwer is not sufficent.
    I have tried all the USB ports - same thing.

    I do not want to Sync; I just want to charge via USB when at work.
    I sycn wirelessly.

    Is there some driver I can get?

    BTW I am scared to install RIM's pocket mac (I suspect it has the driver that fixes the
    voltage) - I tried to install the RIM 's desktop software on my pc at home and each time I connected it it stopped the wireless sycn to work on my BB. I had to get my
    IT Dept to reset my BES wireless sync at my work. It is not clear to me if BES and desktop
    work together - from the documentation it is ambiguous; also RIM's desktop UI is crap - surprising given that the BB UI is good. I called RIM to ask if their desktop and wireless sync were suppose to work together - they wanted $150 to answer that question!
    (I didn't want them to debug but to merely answer if the two are suppose to work well together or not.
    I am worried that pocket mac will do the same or even worse - sycn my iCal (which I don't use; I generally do not have problems configuring software but the RIM desktop is a piece of crap and i am worried that RIM's pocketmac is the same.

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    You have to have some type of desktop software installed for it to charge. The newer blackberries that have the 4.3 os can charge via usb without desktop software. ~via BB (

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    ~via BB ( I use pocket mac but don't have anything else syncing. You are able to disable what you would like to have synced under the pocketmac settings. Install it and don't tether it via usb, but just check out the settings and see If you like it, worst case you delete. Pocketmac. PIN me if you want more help


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    Im prettty sure li2327 is correct, you have to have the DTM installed before it will charge.

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    It's been my experience that PocketMac will install the proper driver for charging. You don't have to run it at all - I have it on my personal laptop and use the USB port to charge my work BB 8820. You don't have to run the software at all.

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    There's no RIM DM for a Mac. Only option is PocketMac or MissingSync as far as I know.

    I have PocketMac installed on my Mac and I don't run the program at all since I don't sync anything. And I'm also able to charge the phone without running PocketMac. PocketMac doesn't even load when I plug in my Curve to my Mac.

    ~via BB (

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