The Pulse Gateway ("proxy") server source code is now available for free download from our website at

Please note that NO ONE is suggesting that you need install the gateway yourself. We are simply making this available for advanced users that are comfortable with network administration and would prefer to run their own private setup.

The gateway is not supported by Brain Murmurs but we will provide answers for reasonbly simple questions, continuously update our product documentation, and continue to host and participate in our Pulse forums, where tips and help can also be found.

Parties or corporations requiring extensive support or customized development are welcome to contact our professional services group at the number below.

As we have mentioned earlier, free use of Austin Web Development's most excellent AND affordable dedicated proxy service officially ended December 20th. At this time you will need to either subscribe to the service for low, low LOW cost of a mere .34/month or setup a private proxy server for your own use. Parties interested in subscribing to AWD's service can do so at

Participants in Alex King's BlackBerry 8700 tethering bounty will receive free proxy subscriptions at AWG until January 1st, 2008.