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I have a Mac and I downloaded crossover as well, but I cannot install winzip ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Question Problem installing Themes on MAC


    I have a Mac and I downloaded crossover as well, but I cannot install winzip is there anyway of getting the themes from my desktop to my phone without winzip? Thanks

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    i haven't ever installed themes using a mac. i thought you needed pocketmac to install the themes. have you tried OTA? that's normally what the mac users claim they have to have to be able to install bb themes.

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    yes you can install themes on the Mac. 1st you will need PocketMac. You can find this on under Software Downloads. Make sure that you also download the updated drivers kit as well. Complete the install.

    If you are unable to open ZIP files you will need a utility to do so. I use Stuff-IT. This is a very universal application that will open Zip, RAR, ACE files and MUCH MUCH more. When you have this and PocketMac you are ready to rock.

    When you have PocketMac running connect your Blackberry to your Mac via USB. Click on the Blackberry icon, and verify that it is connected and displays your PIN showing it is connected. Click on Utilities > Install Application. Choose the directory where your .ALX file is located. Then let it rip. This will install the theme.

    Some notes to look out for. 1. PocketMac makes it difficult to remove the installed apps, and alot of times says it does, but it is still present on the blackberry. 2. PocketMac sometimes does not recognize the Blackberry is connected. 3. PocketMac sucks! That is just my opinion and the same of MANY others using it.

    I recommend using VMWare Fusion and installing Windows and syncing that way. It is flawless and is more widely supported.

    Good luck!!!!

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