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Hey all, I have been trying to get Pocketmac 4 to work with my Curve ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Pocketmac "Skipping"? Help please`


    Hey all,

    I have been trying to get Pocketmac 4 to work with my Curve but am having problems...

    I plug in the BB and the following happens:

    The BB asks "do you want to switch to mass storage device" (or something simelar)
    What ever i select the same outcome happens:

    I click "Sync" on the Pocketmac window (having puting the password etc)
    The floodbar fills up to about 60% then the sync aborts due to "skipping" and nothing is synced.

    Tried on two macs, one intel and one G5 and same thing happens...

    Cant think of what i am doing wrong! The mac has my whole phonebook on and all i want to do is zap it across! the prospect of having to enter over 200 contact details is scary and likely to result in RSI!

    Any help is MUCH appreciated!


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    Re: Pocketmac "Skipping"? Help please`


    I gave up on PocketMac long ago. You'll love it, especially since it syncs your contact photos from Addressbook to your curve for callerID (one of the things i miss now that I use BES), and will also sync mp3's from itunes to your card.

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    Re: Pocketmac "Skipping"? Help please`

    I'm having the same problem, anyone out there have a solution?

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    Re: Pocketmac "Skipping"? Help please`

    when i got the "skipping" error it was because i assumed that this program would sync with my pearl over bluetooth, i eliminated the "skipping" error by syncing with the phone plugged in to my mac via the data cable the phone came with. hope that helps.

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    Re: Pocketmac "Skipping"? Help please`

    Blackberry has released a new version of PocketMac - PocketMac Download

    One of the main fixes it states in the update is the "skipping" problem.
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