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I'm using a Pearl. I have a large amount of memos that I've been carrying ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    PocketMac Mangled my Memos!


    I'm using a Pearl. I have a large amount of memos that I've been carrying around for years on my Palm. I transferred them to my Pearl with Desktop Manager on my work PC. Desktop Manager automatically made the first line of each memo into the title, which was fine since that's how they appeared on my Palm.
    The first time I synced with PocketMac on my MacBook Pro, it seemed to work flawlessly. The second time it mangled my memos.
    I synced the memos to the Stickies application. Apparently, Stickies didn't recognize the titles, so when I synced them back to the Blackberry, it butchered the titles right off. That's a real pisser, but it makes sense.
    What doesn't make sense, is the fact that I now have two or three copies of several of the memos, and several others just disappeared completely.
    Luckily, I can reimport most of them from my Palm. Good thing I didn't sell it yet!
    Have any of you had success syncing memos to the other available apps?

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