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    Parallels and desktop manager


    It would appear that Parallels has made the appropriate fixes so that Blackberries will now work with the desktop manager. I downloaded the latest version of Parallels today, build 5582 and was able to update the OS on my spare 8700C. This is great news because on previous builds it had spotty connectivity and VMware Fusion just Kernel Panicked my computer. Below is a list of updates:

    Mac OS 10.5 Leopard - now fully supported
    Virtualization Engine
    - SMBios support
    - Significant guest Windows Vista and Windows XP performance improvement
    Network - Port forwarding support for Shared Networking
    Virtual devices
    - USB devices compatibility improvement (including certain Blackberry and National Instruments devices)
    - Possibility to use two identical CD/DVD drives in VM is implemented
    Shared Applications and SmartSelect - Option 'Remove SmartSelect file associations' during Parallels Desktop uninstallation added
    User interface - Support for "~" in paths (to HDD, Shared Folders and such) is implemented
    Parallels Transporter - Migrate Windows from your Boot Camp partition to a Parallels virtual disk image

    Hurrah, Hurrah
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    Re: Parallels and desktop manager


    Thank you so much for this post. I really really loved both my new mac and my new blackberry until I couldn't download an f***ing theme 'cause there are no good mac compatible themes and my f***ing parallels wasn't loading the blackberry software. What is a gearhead to do? you saved me. Of course it is still installing, so if it doesn't work, I will check back and add some info.

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