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i wanted the black one too i might sell this one local and buy a ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    i wanted the black one too i might sell this one local and buy a black one i did put a black shell on mine.

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    ~via BB ( sweet looking MBP! I love my macbook, best 1200 I ever spent. The new MB and MB Pros are $h1t hott and with LED vs LCD display, they are the greatest improvements in all laptops. Not to mention the kickin videocard.

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    yeah btw for the people mentioning that you want the black one unfortunately it is not carried by Apple anymore.
    Basically they upgraded the Macbook to the new Aluminum ones and only kept the white one for 999$ (no black as there was never a entry level black one anyways).
    So if you want a Black one act fast before theyre sold out. But for the price of a black one you can get the new ALU ones with all the improvements maz94 mentioned. IM LOVING MINE!!

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    I'm new to Mac also; I recently purchased the new unibody MacBook Pro and so far I really like this machine and the OS. I'm currently connected with my Blackberry Curve and I'm really enjoying myself

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    I just bought an Aluminum 13" MacBook to replacement my white plastic model. It amazes me ever time I boot my Macs how much faster Leopard is than Vista in just about every way! My wife's HP with similar processor and double the RAM is a slug compared to my new MacBook
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    The only difference between shut down and standby is the latter keeps what's in RAM. Unless you need to reboot after an update/install you never need to turn your Mac off. OK if you're on a plane they'll make you.

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    Sweet macbook. I have the previous generation MB Pro which is barely a year old. I walked into the apple store and demoed the new macbooks. I almost walked out with one tempting.

    Now when I am in the mall I just walk by the apple store and try not to walk in or I may yield to my temptation.

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