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Sounds cool.... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Re: Mac Users: How to Make your own Ringtones


    Sounds cool.

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    Re: Mac Users: How to Make your own Ringtones

    there's a way easier way to chop the songs..

    google a program called 'mp3trimmer'.. i think it's mac only, and shareware..

    all you have to do is drag any mp3 in, click play, then click 'set' under in-point, then 'set' under out-point (edit as you see fit), then 'save trim selection'..

    and you're golden..

    like someone else had said, if you keep it to around 15- 30 seconds, it works perfectly.. i've been doing this for the past year, to have mp3 ringtones on my motorola rokr, but i haven't figured out how to get them on my blackberry..

    i just got my blackberry on friday, and am still dumbfounded as to how to get them over there.. one, because i don't have a data plan, just a voice plan right now, as i'm just using the existing sim card from my cell phone.. with my rokr, when connected to the computer, it acted as an external hard drive, so i just had to toss the mp3 ringtones i made into the ringtones folder, copy them from the external memory to the internal memory, and select them.. with the blackberry, i haven't figured out how to do this, mainly cuz it doesn't act as an external drive..


    any thoughts on how to get the ringtones/wallpaper/anything to the blackberry without a data plan?!

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    Re: Mac Users: How to Make your own Ringtones

    Thanks for the info on mp3trimmer! Initially I wanted a way to "use what I had," and GarageBand was working very well for me, especially because I use different Media Types other than mp3 (AIFF, etc) but for just songs, that seems like a great idea!

    I am assuming you don't have a Pearl, because the Pearl would also operate in this fashion (of your Rokr) if you have your micro SD in there.

    Sorry, but no, no easy way that I know of for ringers and etc...unless there is a way to create aps in the standard .alx and then use the desktop manager, but for most people this is over their head, and who knows if it's even possible.

    I highly recommend you get a data plan, as you really aren't using 1/3 rd of the BB possibilities w/o it, but for the time being, does the latest desktop manager allow you to use the Media Manager w/ your BB? I am just asking as I only use the DM on a must-have basis, when OTA is not an option, or for a backup...

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