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There's a few sites that Safari and firefox won't support that I need to view ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Mac IE browser


    There's a few sites that Safari and firefox won't support that I need to view for work. I know these sites work with IE however they stopped making IE for mac. I used to have bootcamp set up but looking for a more reasonable way of viewing these sites on my mac. Anyone know of anything that may work?

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    Re: Mac IE browser

    Try enabling the debug menu in Safari with something like TinkerTool or search the net for the terminal method. One you enable the debug menu, you can change the user agent on the fly to trick most web sites. However, stuff that relies heavily on MS technologies such as active x still may not work. Sometimes Opera supports sites that others don't, so you could try that as well.

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    Re: Mac IE browser

    Pick up a copy of Parallel for your Mac and you'll be able to run PC apps like current versions of IE (although have you seen it? )

    The lack of support from Microsoft is about what you'd expect, really. I can only access my wireless router using an old copy of IE, and it crashes with alarming frequency. The new version of Firefox is decent. I've yet to come across a site it couldn't access.

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    Re: Mac IE browser

    I second the debug menu. I have to "fool" a lot of sites. Funny thing is it doesn't change the browser it just makes the server think you are on another program/platform. In other words, sites that claim not to support Safari really do.

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    Re: Mac IE browser

    were you in the Bridgewater Apple Store tonight asking this question?

    I was there a few hours ago and I swear, a lady asked the same exact thing.. Spooky!!

    Anyway, they suggested to her using Crossover - since you wouldn't need to pay for a Parallels licenese and a Vista/XP license..

    if the debug tool doesn't work, thats another option..

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