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Hi Everyone! I have had my blackberry 8700g for a few months and love it. ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Smile Mac and PC sync


    Hi Everyone!

    I have had my blackberry 8700g for a few months and love it. However, last month, the pocketmac program messed up my computer and I had to reinstall everything! It sucked!

    That leads me to my question. I just got a new job and, of course, they have PC's. I want to sync my BB at home on my mac and also at work on my PC. Has anyone ever done this? Will it mess everything up (i.e. having to reinstall everything again?). Also, on my mac I use Entourage. At work I will be using Outlook. Is this OK?

    Any information you have will be appreciated.


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    Re: Mac and PC sync

    Something you must be weary of is field mapping...Since BB has not released the information of how to sync to Mac, Pocketmac and Missing Sync are reverse-engineering this themselves...What you end up with is a PRETTY good shot in the dark at mapping the fields between the BB and the Mac...On a one Computer to one device standpoint, this shouldn't be too bad, as a user you just figure it out after a while what to use in and what not to.

    What you are saying however, is you will be using two Microsoft Programs. So first, one needs to examine how easy it is to transfer between Outlook and Entourage. Do they use the same fields, same "style," of pim management? If so, it would seem you can get a better sync from Outlook-->BB-->Entourage on Mac than most would get trying Outlook-->BB-->

    What I suggest is first figuring out which Mac Sync Solutions (PocketMac or Missing Sync) has better support for Entourage, I'm sure its Missing Sync but I really wouldn't know, RIM does support PocketMac to some extent now, so I could be completely off.

    Overall, google for Outlook Entourage Syncing, if people are doing it and doing it well, that's one down for ya

    Next you'll need to see if PocketMac or Missing Sync has the better support for Entourage, probably by asking around in here...

    It SHOULD be smooth sailing after that!

    Good Luck,

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    Re: Mac and PC sync

    I do that all the time. PocketMac and the PC DT software seem to play nicely together. Agree with ajmctaggar, field mapping is key and the two MS programs work well in this manner. Biggest issue is conflict resolution.

    My primary computer is a Mac. I also use an XP machine which I have set up to sync with my yahoo account (to publish my calendar). The BB is a handy conduit for this as there is no direct Mac to Yahoo tool.

    Suggestion: before you do anything, back up Entourage (File->Export). Ditto for Outlook (File ->Import/Export, and export to a file). You may also want to do a Backup of your BB from the PC's DT software (create an image of your BB).

    Then synch. The first time (round trip, Mac to PC to Mac to PC) is a bit of a PITA as you may see lots of alerts for conflitcs. Don't get lazy and "apply all" or you will need to use the backups. But after the initial headache, things settle down and work very smoothly. I don't have duplicate entry problems that I feared.

    PM doesn't handle conflicts as well as the PC app, so if you make deletions on the PC or BB, expect to be asked about it when you synch to the Mac.

    And if your wife edits your online calendar, all bets are off!

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    Thumbs up Re: Mac and PC sync

    Thanks, both of you, for your information!

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