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I wanted to post something telling mac users that their maybe a way for them ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Lightbulb How to: CDMA blackberries as tethered USB modems (MAC)


    I wanted to post something telling mac users that their maybe a way for them to tether there CDMA blackberries using a usb cable to a MAC.

    Information about what hardware/software I’m using:
    MAC Powerbook G4 1.67Ghz, running OS X 10.5.4
    Verizon Wireless Blackberry 8330 (Curve) HS:,
    “I also have a 8130 pearl HS:” (please don’t pm me asking how I got this handheld software for my pearl. I can’t disclose that information)
    Connection software used is Vzaccess manager version 4.1.2

    I wanted to start off with a little backlog story. For over a year now I have noticed support being added, and then taken out of different versions of vz access manager for blackberries, but when I first got my 8130 back at the end of 07 at that time the current version didn’t have any support.
    Sometime in early 08 version 3.10 of vzaccess manager did find my 8130 over usb, and I was able to connect.
    I had been using this solution just fine, until I got my 8330.
    My curve was not being detected as a modem in vzaccess, my pearl still was, my mom happened to be in town with her sprint 8830, which also was being detected by vzaccess.
    Upgrading to vzaccess 4.1.2 seemed to allow support for my 8330.

    Now a few tips for someone trying to attempt the same thing.
    To download vz access manager 4.1.2 you need to go to
    I have leopard so I choose OS 10.5 (but I’m sure it will be the same if you choose 10.4, for you people of still haven’t made the jump). Question 2 will ask you “What device are you using?” choose PC card, ExpressCard or USB Modem. Question 3 will ask you “What hardware are you using?” choose Pantech UM175. Question 4 asks you to “Please select the reason for your download.” I always choose “I have lost the original VZAccess Manager CD. After you done all that press the continue button below…
    Enter any valid Verizon Wireless number, then hit continue again...
    You should see the following text “vzaccess manager v4.1.2 for you Pantech UM175…
    Press the download Now button.

    After you downloaded the software install it, the installation requires a reboot.
    Once the computer is back up it will run the wizard, which should have no problems detecting your CDMA blackberry.

    Before I end the post I wanted to document a few things.
    For one this is not support by Verizon wireless or any CDMA carrier that I know of, so if you call in you will not get any support for this.
    My sources have told me that RIM and or Smith Mirco is currently working with the carriers for a stable solution for using blackberries as tethered usb modems, but again until then this method is not supported.
    2. Now that we are on the topic of stability, I have noticed my Mac(s) crashing at times during the detection and sometimes if I disconnect the usb cable prematurely. But not to the point, where I want to stop using the solution. Rule of thumb, disconnect using the manager, and make sure your fully disconnected before pulling the usb cable.
    3. I have Verizon Wireless blackberries, and I only really tested with them. Above I do speak of my mother having a sprint 8830, and again yes Verizon's access manager did detect it. People on other CDMA carriers may need to do some tweaking here or there to get the solution working for them.
    4. I hope everyone reading this knows you need to contact your carrier to have the tethering feature added to your account
    6. The PocketMac application seems to cause my curve to not be detected by the manager after I have installed pocketmac after first installing VZAccess Manager.
    I uninstalled PocketMac, and VZAccess Manager, then reinstalled the VZAccess manager, and I no longer have any problems with the manager detecting my curve.
    Note… I didn’t reinstall PocketMac, hell I never really use it anyway… lol

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    So are you paying the extra $20 for the tethering service?

    ~via BB (

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    just tried connecting with the access manager you suggested and my pearl keeps shutting down every time i try to connect it. using bluetooth is fine but i'd like to get the full speed. any suggestions out there from anyone else that has tried this. thanks

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    Verizon give you the first month free to try it out. if you have the $29.99 plan you have to pay an extra $15 for the UNLIM w/ Broadband Connect (BBC) or just get the $44.99 data package off the start. (29.99+15 = $44.99 either way its still the same)

    I have been tethered for almost 2 days now, just still testing out the speeds. Surfing the net with 2 browsers i cant see much difference from WiFi, but Downloading is super slow
    i3-2100, 8GB, 90GB Vertex3, 1.5TB HDD, HD6850OC, 23"ACER LED Monitor (Gaming Rig)
    1.83ghz Macbook 1,1 (School work, Websurfer)
    4GB Mini, 2GB Nano, 30GB Video, 8GB iPhone 3GS, iPad1
    BB Bold 9900

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    8830 doesnt tether

    my 8830 tethers perfectly to my XP machine

    It used it tether to the MAC after I set up vzaccess manager and called the BB an Aircard usb720

    Then i made changes to the Mac, including playing with bootcamp and pocketmac

    i de-installed both, and re-installed vzaccess. The aircard 720 option doesn't exist, so based on an earlier post i did the installation based on pantech 175

    But the mac still doesn't detect the BB 8830

    I know the cable is good and the port is electircially ok because the device charges when hooked to the usb.

    is there someplace to tell network settings tht i'm using usb?

    any other advice??


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    I have since upgraded to a Macbook Pro (Pre uni-body), and I still have no problems tethering my Blackberry 8330 (Curve OS over USB,
    VZAM Version 4.1.2...
    I learned this morning when I tried to upgrade to 4.2.3, that smithmicro, and/or Verizon ripped out the blackberry logic, and I was unable to get leopard to see the blackberry anymore
    I was doing this in preparation for the blackberry Storm, which I will hopefully be upgrading to next friday.
    I read in a Verizon document that the Storm will have no problems at all tethering bluetooth, or usb if your using a Microsoft OS, but if it's a Unix, or Unix-like OS you can forget about it! (and that goes for both usb and bluetooth).
    You know this is nothing new to me. Rim, Verizon, and or Smithmicro have always supported blackberries tethering to Windows, but never with anything Unix, or Unix-like...
    Anyway I uninstalled, the new verison of vzam, and reinstalled the old one (4.1.2). VZAM deteched my blackberry Curve just fine (over usb), and I'm tethering it as I type up this reply...

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    I just upgraded to a MBP and am looking to find a version of 4.1.2 It is no longer on the website. I have not yet been successful, does anyone know where I can get it?

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    how to download v4.1.2

    vmiyoshi, do you have a copy of the v4.1.2 of vzaccess mgr that you can upload somewhere? I can only get v4.2.2 from Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Bighoffa or bagpiper, by some miracle I have an old 4.1.2 installer saved on my computer. PM me if you want the link to download it.

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    I still cant figure out how to make this work lol :P
    On my acer one i dont have a bluetooth port so i cannot use the BT to tether like i do on the MBP.
    Then again i have the 3G stick for my Acer One ... dont mind me im rattling lol ...

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    amtk54 can you send me the download link for that installer. I tried to PM you but the board doesnt let users with less than 10 posts PM

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    Hello Stakers,

    I have sprint but this is how I do it and it works fine:

    Sprint has a connection manager but it doesn't work for MAC, so what I've done is Pair up my Mac with my Blackberry using Bluetooth. After I do this, I proceed to create a new connection using Bluetooth and in the advance settings i specify that the modem to use is from SPRINT and the type is PCS Vision.

    Once this is done I put it to dial #777 without any user names or passwords, and I’m ONLINE with great speed!!!

    If you guys need more specifics, PM or PIN me!!

    PS. I know that Verizon can charge for this $15 or $20 for this service (Sprint is free with unlimited data plan!!)

    Army Strong!
    SFC. Megabite

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    I'm in need of the vzaccess manager download too. I can't get my storm tethered via USB.

    anyone have it?

    thanks! Todd

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    I'd be very appreciative of anyone that could provide me with a way to get ahold of 4.1.2 as well. Ad->Thanks<-Vance


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    If anyone can send me the 4.1.2 software that would be great.

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