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    Question HELP -Memory probs due to module & PocketMac


    Ok - so I made the stupid mistake of thinking that to install a theme I wanted and couldn't get OTA, I would delete my MissingSync for a day, install PocketMac, download the new theme and then fix it all back up..... simple right.

    Well I wish. The delete of MissingSync and download of PocketMc went fine, but in downloading the theme it didn't show up on my BB Only the module! So it's just taking up memory and now I can't delete it.

    I'm deleting PocketMac and officially will NEVER use it again as I have now had too many problems with it. But anyone know how I can get rid of this module which is just taking up un-necessary memory???


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    pocket mac installs software in wierd places sometimes..I use a program from mobylo called surewipe... it deletes ANYTHING off of your BB just be careful, because in my quest for more memory i accidentally deleted a neccassary file and bricked my berry, had to go to a friends place who had Windows to reload my OS... its a good program though worth the cost..
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