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I trying to sync my documents onto my bb curve. I have a mac and ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    I trying to sync my documents onto my bb curve. I have a mac and using microsoft word for all my documents.

    One more question about music. I need to put my music into certain playlists. I know you can drag and drop but can you also but the music files into multiple playlists?


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    Re: help

    Assuming you have an SD card, and aparently understand Mass Storage Mode, you can drag your files to anywhere you want on the SD card. You can attach them to emails, but you can't view them natively (at least not with my 8800 / OS 4.2.1). You can use any sync utility that can sync folders - the SD card should just look like another drive in Mass Storage mode.

    You can put whatever songs you like in whatever playlists you like. You just have to make sure the playlists are pointing to the files correctly. If you make a simple playlist with just the file names (no drive or directory information), you'll have to have all the music files piled into the same directory. However, if you make "Relative" playlists, you can organize your music into folders, and just put playlists in the BlackBerry\Music directory.

    See my post here for details.

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