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ok i have a macbook pro 2.2 just got it a few days ago. all ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Goofy Mac 8130 usb transfer/speed evdo


    ok i have a macbook pro 2.2 just got it a few days ago. all has been going well untill tonight.

    i wanted to move some media files from the phone and vs versa.

    Something very interesting happened. When i plugged in the phone to the usb port and choose on the phone to be used as a mass media storage the phone power cycles. it shuts down all the way. i had to do it three times to make sure i wasnt just loosing my mind.

    so to confirm this i plugged in my 8830. it worked fine! please help. also

    anybody have any ideas on getting a good evdo script? i have had a few ideas but there not helping or improving. i just downloaded a new program broadband optimizer and it killed my speed. i dropped from 325k to 115k.

    i get 4.4mb on wifi in my house. i know a few people that claim they get 1.2mb thru there bt!'


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    Use the Verizon EVDO Script

    I have a Sprint 8130e and read on here a procedure on how to hook up my PAM using the Verizon modem script included with Leopard. I set it up and it works fine, even though it is a Sprint handset using a Verizon script. I can get about 1mb with the cable and about 350K through BT while using the phone as modem.
    Try this, it's the procedure I found here on BBforums posted 2-10-08 by roadrage

    Sure thing:

    These were the steps I took using Mac OS X, Leopard:

    1) I went to the bluetooth settings on the 8130 and made it discoverable.
    2) Go to system settings on your mac, click on bluetooth, click on set up new bluetooth device, choose cell phone, and then let it go through the steps.
    3) WHEN IT ASKS "access the internet using the phone's data connection", UNCHECK THIS OPTION. The system kept hanging up everytime I tried that option.
    4) You should now have the 8130 paired to your Mac and it should show up in your bluetooth menu.

    5) Go to system preferences and choose bluetooth again. You should see the 8130 in the column on the left.
    6) Click on the 8130 and then click on "configure this device," using the little gear icon at the bottom of the column on the left.
    7) Choose "access the internet using the phone's data connection."
    8) Click on "continue"
    9) For phone vendor, choose "other"
    10) Under phone model, choose "Verizon Support PC 5220" (even if you're using Sprint)
    11) Leave the username, password, and phone # blank.
    12) Go back to system preferences and choose "network"
    13) Click on bluetooth
    14) Click on "add configuration"
    15) Call it Sprint
    16) Under telephone number, put in #777
    17) Leave everything else blank
    18) Click on "apply"
    19) That's it! You can now use the 8130 to connect to the internet. Go back to network, choose bluetooth, and then click on "connect." It should take about 10 seconds and you're good to go!

    NOTE: You have to subscribe to the "phone as modem plan" or the blackberry unlimited plan (which includes tethering) for this to work.

    Good luck! Let me know if you have any problems.

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