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    DUMB problem with new pocketmac/iphoto sync


    OK so I thought syncing the photos on my BB would be nice and simple but here's a rundown of my experience:

    I have a bunch of photos on my BB so I check in the box to enable push iPhoto photos to the bb from the mac / Import bb photos

    I also checked "scale photos for device", "keep photos organized by album" and "import bb photos to iPhoto... Basically, I have every check box checked. In addition, I selected 1 album from my iPhoto library on my Mac (My 30th Bday pics)...

    I'm all jazzy waiting to see the photos from my bb import into iphoto, and then the 30th bday photos sync to my bb... Sounds great...

    Well after the sync this is what I ended up with...

    In iphoto, I have a new event created for every single photo that was imported. I guess this is status quo since that's what iphoto does when I import from my digicam... -It would be nice to designate an event/folder for imported bb photos to be put into such as BB Pictures or whatever.

    The 30th Bday pics that I selected to have sync'd onto my BB worked fine... BUT - Now when I sync again THIS album on my BB gets imported into iphoto. So essentially, I end up with a duplicated album in iphoto of the scaled down pics from my BB.
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