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    Question Dropped audio on the Pearl- Help


    Only my speakerphone works. Whoever I am calling can hear me but I have no audio in regular mode. The tech support suggested downloading the newer software from T-Mobile's webaite but my pocketmac (desktop software for macs) is not updated/advanced enough to work with the new software and I can't find a program that will open 8100_Pearl_4.2.1.107.exe Does anyone have a Mac and know how to bridge this problem or another fix to get the audio back. Thanks!

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    Re: Dropped audio on the Pearl- Help

    Hello sara, unfortunately I'm not familiar with Mac. So I'm of no help.

    I believe the only possible way for you to upgrade is to use a PC. Sorry for that bad news. Although you can ask around this part of the Forums maybe they can be of help.

    Hopefully they can help you out. But your best bet is to find a friend with a PC.

    Does your pearl work on speaker phone? If it does, do you use a bluetooth headset? There is some glitch that when you use a bluetooth headset and then try to discconnect it just won't. Therefore your phones' ear speaker won't work.

    If you don't use a bluetooth headset then your earpiece could have just been faulty. Hopefully you can update your device and start trouble shooting this.

    Let us know if you have more questions.

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