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Is there a desktop manager for a mac book. I have a 8900 and want ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Desktop Manager for Mac?


    Is there a desktop manager for a mac book. I have a 8900 and want to install desktop manager. What should I use?


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    Kimberlee, Not sure what all you can do or how well it works but you can go here and see if that's any help for you.

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    Oh cool, ill pass this along to a friend, I wonder though, he uses a PC to sync at work, but has a mac at home, I wonder what all would happen if he uses both, i mean if it would cause any problems or inconvinences for him.
    It takes many professionals versed in many different area's to help the masses, I am just a single drop in that pool.


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    Missing Sync and Pocket Mac are your only options for the Mac. You have stumbled on one of the issues with RIM and Mac. There is no DM for the Mac or at least one that does what the DM does for a PC. You have to find work-a-rounds and other means to accomplish your goals.

    It may help if you list a few things you would like to do?
    Another option, depending on your Mac spec may be to install Windows on it and manage your BB using Windows and the real DM.

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    Unless you want ALOT of Problems - DO NOT USE POCKET MAC

    Spend the cash and get Missing Sync - They will respond to tickets for customer service, and while you will need to be able to find themes via OTA, it's more stable

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    Pocket Mac works great for me. I do not use AOl though - and promise I never will.
    Newbie here - louise54. Soooo much great info here. Thanks

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