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Just picked up a Curve on Friday and it's great. My only problem so far ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Question Backup possible on a Mac?


    Just picked up a Curve on Friday and it's great. My only problem so far is syncing with my Mac but it seems there is a lot of that from what I have read. I have tried PM and purchased MS but neither seems to sync correctly. I am mostly having problems with iCal.

    I would not mind using the BB exclusively as my main PIM but is there a way to back up my data (besides PM or MS) in case I lost all of the information on my BB?

    In other words, I can live without syncing between the BB and my Mac but can I back up the BB data to my Mac in case I needed to restore my BB.

    I hope I am making sense. I am a Mac fan but do not really want the first generation iPhone but I might have to return the Curve and wait for the iPhone so I know that my information is safe and restorable.
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    Re: Backup possible on a Mac?

    If you have a .Mac account you can do a backup of your BB using PocketSync Manager

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