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Heloo last week my adsl modem burn down and since then i am unable to ... Macs & MacBooks forum

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    Lightbulb 8100 bluetooth modem with a Mac OS X DATA FLOW PROBLEM



    last week my adsl modem burn down and since then i am unable to get internet, now i have 2 mac´s and 1 blackberry and i decide to try the famuse Bluetooth scrip for the 8100, wich the problem is, that sometimes more are the few times!! that i can get a sucessful conection

    my provider is movistar venezuela, wich i did put on the APN as , latter the username wich is my phone number and the password wich is my id number... i have made sucessfull conections in the past wth my old 7250 cdma, but with the 8100 gsm i am having problems reaching out for a conection... usualy says it could negociate the PPP, i have allready checked all the options , and fallow many sites instructions but i am only able to get sometimes internet and with a weak signal (says the mac internet conect)

    i think the phone isnt conecting very well with my service provider, like the arrows sometimes are moving... many times again arent moving at all

    help would be apriciated

    ahh and by the way, support from my service provider, isnt available for mac users



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    It sound like a carrier signal issue and not the BT connection or the Mac.
    If one of the Mac's is a laptop try going to a location where you have a stronger signal and see if that helps.

    When my signal gets weak i normally move to another location in the building and my Laptop then seems to work much faster when using m 8100 and the BT connection.

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