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I know, Im "Ol' Fashioned". But I want a really good set of wired headphones, ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    Wired Headset..


    I know, Im "Ol' Fashioned". But I want a really good set of wired headphones, with the mic, and all...
    I like to lay in the tanning bed, and bring my own music...
    Its easier to "fake and bake" when I got good tunes. And the local radio sucks...
    So, anyone got any suggestions? I dont want to use an adapter either. Ive read about them having issues, and as a matter of fact, I've tried the one from seidio, and it sucked.. Even sucked on the Sammy I used to have...

    So, Any help would be appreciated, and welcomed..
    Thanks, j
    Ugh, couldnt think of anything to change it to.

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    Re: Wired Headset..

    ~via BB (

    You can get a pretty good pair of headphones that due for like 10 @ target or some store like it. They arnt the greatest. But hey. Its $10. Also, you can, if you really like your headphones, radio shack has an adapter that you can buy. Its easy to use. Its only like 3.95 I think. And it works with any headphone set

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    Re: Wired Headset..

    ~via BB ( Radio Shack adapter doesn't work. You need a 2.5mm 4-conductor plug to 3.5mm 3 conductor with mic (or 4-conductor without) jack. The only place I know that sells these is Seidio. I have bought 4 different kinds for my office and nobody has ever complained.

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    Re: Wired Headset..

    I bought a pair of bodyglove headphones at bestbuy, and let me tell you they are the greatest! They are noise cancelling and black color. Love them, they also have a couple of other ones there.

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