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    Venturi Mini - Bluetooth/FM Transmitter/Hands Free


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    Verizon Wireless today announced the availability of the Venturi Mini, a device that makes it possible to stream music from your Bluetooth-enabled music phone to your car's FM radio, as well as turn any vehicle's stereo into a hands-free speakerphone system.

    The Venturi Mini plugs into a 12v outlet in your vehicle and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The Mini then uses its built-in FM transmitter to broadcast your music to your car's built-in FM radio. The Venturi Mini also has a built-in noise filtering microphone, so that if a call comes in, the music is automatically paused and the call is heard through the car's speakers.

    The Venturi Mini uses the Bluetooth A2DP profile, and is compatible with any vehicle equipped with an FM radio. Pricing is $129.99 from
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    We've seen more efficient ways of piping tunes from phones to stereos, but admittedly, they usually involve a wire or two. The Venturi Mini, now being offered by Verizon Wireless, performs the wondrous feat of receiving music streamed to it via stereo Bluetooth and relaying it on to your car's head unit by way of FM transmitter, making the whole process completely wire-free. "But wait," as they say in the industry, "that's not all." The cigarette lighter socket-powered device doubles as a handsfree that cleverly pauses your music when the time comes to take a call. Grab the multitalented wonder now for $129.99 -- and if you live in Washington or Oregon, the sooner, the better.

    (photo from Engadget)

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    I WANT ONE!! Looks pretty nice! As soon as I can use an 8 GB MicroSD in my 8320, my iPod may no longer be taken on trips!

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    Re: Venturi Mini - Bluetooth/FM Transmitter/Hands Free

    Very nice I will have to look into this
    ~via BB (

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    id get one if it wasn't $120

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