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Do you need to charge your Blackberry in the middle of the day just so ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    Turbocell Charger (charge your blackberry wherever, whenever!)


    Do you need to charge your Blackberry in the middle of the day just so stay alive?
    Need a charger that doesnt need an outlet plug to work???

    well, Thinkgeek has struck again!

    all you need is a BATTERY to operate!

    for only $17.99 , you can charge your phone when you really need to without being stuck to a wall!

    The average AA battery can add up to 2 hours of extra talk-time, which might be just what you needed - especially if, during the above movie, you have to hack into the aliens' computer network to upload a virus from your Mac. It would suck if your cellphone gave out at the last minute, and would make a terrible downer of a movie ending.


    • Plugs into 9 different brands of phone - See Details and Specs for models
      • Audiovox
      • Blackberry
      • LG
      • Motorola
      • Nextel
      • Nokia
      • Samsung
      • Sony/Ericsson
    • Takes 1 AA battery
    • AlgorChip charges your cellphone's battery safely without damage or risk of fire
    • Up to 2 hours extra talk-time per average AA battery

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    i have one similiar to this i bought at wal-greens
    i think duracell or ever-ready makes it .. i take it with me whenever i travel

    last time out in vegas (actually when i was there for CTIA) standing in the cab line some guy in front of me had a dead razor and needed to call someone bc he was late for a meeting. i grabbed my charger and let him use it while we stood in line. was perfect for EXACTLY what he needed.

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