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I just upgraded to the new blackberry 9700 and LOOOOVE it. i am very clumsy ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    Question shopping advice: cutest blackberry case?


    I just upgraded to the new blackberry 9700 and LOOOOVE it. i am very clumsy (my 9000 got beat!) and i need to buy a cute girly but solid blackberry case.

    i was thinking, but they do not seem protective enough.

    any suggestions?
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    For my pearl I got a hard plastic case that protected it very well so when I got my 9700 I got one for it also. Got it from Its black with a red heart on the back. U can get an otter box for it too I think. Happy shopping! ^'^

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    casemate makes some really colorful cases, but if you want max potection I would go with an otterbox or seidio
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    I highly recommend a Seidio Innocase 360. I just got one for my 9700 and while I was apprehensive about the keyboard cover, I absolutely love it! This particular case is only available in black right now, but the Innocase II is available in different colors that might suit your "girlie" requirements. This case doesn't have the built-in screen or keyboard protection that the 360 has, though.

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