I recently won a $20 code from Berry Review for www.uniqueskins.com. I thought I'd do a little review here because, well, why not?

I ordered two of them, one all black except for a white logo on the back, and a white one with rainbow smoke on it (as shown in the pics). I don't have any pictures of the black one, by the time I got it on my Curve it was so stretched out that I took it off very soon after.

When I went onto the website, I looked for my model of BB, and started playing around with designs. They have a few stock designs on the site, but the rainbow one I uploaded to uniqueskins. The black one that I had ordered had some text on the back of it. The uniqueskins studio is very easy to use, but I would recommend creating an account and logging in. When I was not logged in and was playing around with designs, I kept losing my work and having to re-do it.

I made a wallpaper to match my skin.

Overall, I do like these skins as another way to personalize my Curve.

Pros -
  • Sticks very snugly to the device
  • Does not leave sticky residue behind
  • Does not harm the device, my Curve was fine after taking the first one off
  • A definite conversation starter
Cons -
  • Takes patience and steady hands to apply
  • Need to be careful about not streching out the skin, it won't fit correctly
  • Does not cover all areas, notice the corners on the front
  • Not protection for falls
I have to say though, I do prefer silicon skins to these. The silicon skins offer more protection against falls and bumps. I like to be able to change the look of my phone often, and it's harder to do that with these skins than with silicon ones. That's just my personal obsession!