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    Review : Unique Skins


    In the past I have come across Unique Skins advertisement some where but never would visit their site. When it comes to covers, cases, 3M stickers, there are hundreds of companies out there that supply you with any style you want for your Blackberry. I'm very picky when it comes to my Blackberries. I've done reviews for different cases and skins but it is rare for me to like it and keep it on my device. Rukus over at is giving away 10 free gift cards for Unique Skins and I finally found myself on Unique Skins website for the first time. I was skeptical at first but when I received the product in the mail and finished applying it. They apply nicely and can be removed with no residue left behind. I was shocked and blown away by how much I love it!

    When you start to design your Unique Skin on their website, an applet opens up with different options, features, pictures, colors, etc for you to design your Blackberry. To a first timer, it will seem a little confusing to figure out what this does or that does and how to make this smaller or remove this. Once you finally figure everything out and have customized it to the way you want it you can them submit your order. If you submit it early enough in the day, your order will most likely be processed and shipped that same day. Mine was processed and shipped on Monday and I had it in my hands the next morning at 10:37am. Very impressive!!

    Opening the package from Unique Skins, you pull out a 3M sheet with your Blackberry phone template. Finally being able to get my hands on the product I was at first disappointed, I was hoping for it to be a little bit more thicker, it just seemed like it would rip easily. Yet, as I was peeling the first piece off, you then feel that even though its a thin piece, it's going to be hard to rip this or puncture it.

    I wanted the black out look. I like having it look slick. So I had everything black with our logo on the battery cover and our url under the keypad to hide the Verizon logo. On the Tour, the front piece comes with 3 sections. The top (above the screen), the middle (trackball and keys) and the bottom (below the keypad). Before anything, I wanted to quickly get rid of that Verizon logo so I started there. Unique Skins provides quick directions as to how to apply the skin. Obviously, clean the area first. They also say that once you apply it and then remove it, it can not be reused again. Well, that is totally not true. If you're impatient like me then you will be removing each some pieces a few times to get them to line up properly. Then I moved upwards and applied the middle pieces. The middle piece comes in three parts. Two smaller ones to cover the phone keys and then one larger piece to cover the BB menu, wrap around the trackball and the back button. Then applied the top and then I just sat back just admired how much better it made the phone look. The light on the covered buttons still comes through a little which is ok but it still looks awesome! So I flipped it over and started getting the back ready.

    When it came to the back of the Tour, I was not sure how it was going to look since the Tour has that middle carbon fiber piece. I was actually hesitant about putting it on for a few minutes. If it doesn't look good I can just take it off. I removed the battery cover and lined up the edges and applied. After making sure every part of the 3M was sticking, I couldn't believe how good it looked. It still showed the carbon fiber texture and lines as well as the RIM logo. At this point I have a smile on my face because it looks so good and I don't really get all that excited over products, unless its a new Blackberry of course. I put the battery cover back on and guess what. It "fixes" the loose battery cover problem. It sits nice and tight and has no play in it. Just adds to the reasons I like Unique Skins now.

    Lastly, I applied the top half to the back and just looked at my Tour. It now looks like a different phone. Its all blacked out, slicked looking and just looks awesome.

    To recap everything...I've put off visiting because I figured they were just another company, selling something that is appealing in pictures but won't be the same when you get it. I can admit, I was wrong. Very wrong. The printing and quality of the product is perfect and looks amazing on the phone. It is pretty easy to install, just requires a bit of patience and non shaky hands.

    Not only do they sell skins for Blackberry devices and other phones, they also provide skins for laptops and gaming devices. I actually also ordered a 17" laptop monitor skin of our logo and it looks pretty damn sweet! I def would recommend that you guys go check them out and place an order. It's not expensive at all, between 6.99 - 29.99 for their gel skins.

    Take a look at some of the pics I took of the skin on the Tour.
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    I ordered two of these myself thinking they would be really good quality compared to gelaskin and delagirl skins but no, uniqueskins quality of the print is terrible and htey do not fit the phone exactly. My cover was around 4mm out each side and looked terrible with the grainy quality printing and low black toner.

    Their after support does not reply at all but are fast to take your money

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