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    Review Of The Dockey


    So I got a package in the mail yesterday, and I was thinking it was a birthday present from a family member but then I realized, I don't have any family in Singapore. So I opened up my package, and there was my Dockey!!!!! I was very excited. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be.

    **For those of you that don't know The Dockey, is a mini USB used for charging, or for data transfer.

    It's very small and compact, and fits just about anywhere, on a keychain, in your pocket. However, because of it's size I am a little nervous about misplacing it. It will connect with any device or laptop/desktop that has a usb/mini usb hub. I connected my blackberry device to my laptop, and it connected right away. It seemed as if the data transfer moved a lot faster than my normal usb cable that i would normally use.

    Here are a few pictures that I took from my curve. And If you are interested in some more information about this product you can visit their website at


    Picture 1- is The Dockey inside of its case.
    Picture 2- is The Dockey (usb) folded in half
    Picture 3- is The Dockey (usb) opened
    Picture 4. is The Dockey inside of its case but folded open to take out the usb
    Picture 5&6 Shows the dockey connected to my blackberry pearl, folded and opened

    This is my first review so go gentle.

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    Re: Review Of The Dockey

    Great review!

    I too love my Dockey and my blackberry users want to know why they don't have one yet haha.
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