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I am very happy with my new belt clip so I thought I would write ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    pearl belt clip holster review by Eli


    I am very happy with my new belt clip so I thought I would write a review on it.

    It is the :Black Swivel Clip Holster For Blackberry Pearl 8100

    It can be found on ebay for like $6.00 incuding shipping buy it now price. I got mine in a bundle with all kinds of other junk like a antena booster and car holder....junk. But it was all worth it for this case, it reminds me of my old nextel case very simple, durable and shows off the phone not some case. I personally don't like leather cases they never fit quite right and have a crappy plastic window...I hate those. I don't really like the idea of a solid leather case that hides my phone from view, I want to be able to not even unclip it from the case or my belt and tilt it to see who is calling me because if i'm not going to answer why take it off the the holster in the first place and this one allows me access to the tack ball so I just track down to ignore and click leaving the pearl right in its holster on my belt. I also like how if I am wearing shorts or no belt (or don't want to look like a salesman which I am) I can clip it to the top of my pocket and its not mingling with my change or other scratching material. I know some of you are cringing thinking what about the track ball you need to protect it and I say that is what equipment insurance plans are for. Before this case I had a cheap "smoke snap cover case w/ clip" it lasted me 6 days and I turned to grab something out of the back seat and snap....busted. I would like to here a review on the aluminum cases sold on ebay for like $20 they look pretty rugged and I like rugged!

    well thats my review hope it helps, Eli

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    Re: pearl belt clip holster review by Eli

    ~via BB (
    Nice looking case. Thanks for the review and link.

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    Re: pearl belt clip holster review by Eli

    ~via BB ( bought one of these same golayers because I like to have easy access to mY phone, but I also like to show it off. Come on now, who doesn't like having the coolest phone in the room, right? Anyway, I had this clip for a week and the clip part broke and that was all she wrote. I am looking for something better constructed now since I don't like the leather cases either.

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