After much hesitation I got the Otterbox defender for my pearl and I absolutely love it! I hesitated at first because I was worried it wouldn't stay in "the box" when I moved the holster to a horizontal position so it would follow the line of my belt, it did. Other people told me it would be too "bulky" it wasn't.

I have owned about 10 or 12 Blackberry cases in my life and this is the best, hands down. The clear membrane is great but it has these little air bubbles that can form on the screen that are hard to remove. Even if you remove them you have to make sure no dirt or grim is there, once the film gets dirty, its hard to clean. I simply cut out a place for the screen and kept the membrane over the keyboard, I love how it feels.

The size the case adds to the Blackberry helps me to hold onto the pearl. Cases are being made so cheaply today overall but this is an exception. I roll my eyes when I read people post "oh that is too much protection" or "that would only be needed in construction". To them I say its called "quality. Not everyone wants to have a cheap POS rubber skin...if you are a white collar professional, you also need a clip to put the thing on your belt.

I highly recommend this case and believe that you, like me, will also love "box" =).