I know theres a thread about the Otter Box for the Storm, but I wanted to add my .02 about the case for the Bold. I received mine today for my 9000. Ive been using Seidio products on my previous Curves, but this is the first case Ive bought for my Bold. I must say it exceeded all my expectations. The materials, workmanship and fit are excellent. The case has three layers, foam padding inside the two piece hard plastic shell, and a non slip rubber skin which attaches to the outside of the hard shell. Installation was easy, the two piece inner shell snaps together over the device, and then the form fitted outer skin goes around the entire inner shell. There is also a clear plastic membrane that goes over the screen and keyboard. I chose not to use that though as I have a quality screen guard already on it. Also included is a hard plastic belt clip holster. Mine is solid black, but they also have a bright yellow and black model. I bought this one on Ebay, new in the Otter Box box for $33.00 shipped. I would recommend this to anyone who wants maximum protection for their Bold. I give it a Chokem thumbs up! Very nice!