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    Question G- Sat BT-359


    I got a BT-359 (GPS puck) to use with Google Maps for GPS on my 8100. I got it paired with the handset fine, started Google Maps and from the menu selected "Bluetooth GPS" from the menu. All worked easy as can be. Then the signal went away momentarily and came back a minute or two later and, from that point on, I was totally unable to connect to handset to the 359. (I was on a 4 1/2 driving trip so I tried several times during the trip with no success. I can't see that anything's wrong: the 359 had a steady signal (indicating contact with the satellites) but the bluetooth light on the 359 blinked slowly (indicating no connection to the handset). I deleted the 359 and re-added it - bulled the 8100 battery and restarted, etc.

    Anyone have any idea why it worked so great the 1st time and not at all thereafter?


    I think my main problem was a coverage problem - going between having a signal and not having one (disconnecting from the GPS because of it) combined with the GPS unit turning itself off after a 10 minute time-out with no data/connection, paying the most attention to the road all the while, etc. It may be more difficult to simply reconnect after having lost the signal - to be continued.

    Anyway, when I got home I took the GPS and BB outside, got a GPS signal and connected to my BB all without problem.

    The T-Mobile "iffy" coverage in Arkansas and between AR and Texas on I-30 etc. continues. I welcome any comments but I may have jumped the gun on why the whole thing seemed to be not working.
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    Re: G- Sat BT-359

    Bump at the request of the OP to get it off the Unanswered Posts List.

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