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I've put together a creative solution for easy car mounting of my BlackBerry (and my ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    Creative Magnetic Car Mount


    I've put together a creative solution for easy car mounting of my BlackBerry (and my wife's too) by combining the products from two separate companies.

    First I selected the appropraite car mount piece from ProClip , they simply make the best and most seamless car mount holders.

    Then I selected the Ram Mount magnetic mounting plate (called "RAM POWER PLATE II") and ordered the cheaper unpackaged version:

    Then I mounted the ProClip to the car, and screwed in the magnetic power plate to the ProClip. I did have to use sharp/short wood type screws rather than than the machine screws included with the Power Plate. Then I attached the small metal disc to the back of my BlackBerry.

    The final effect is seamless. I simply put my BlackBerry up to the ProClip/PowerPlate and it is magnetically attached creating a smooth easy way to attach/remove method. No visible cradle. The PowerPlate kit includes a larger metal plate if you want it to REALLY GRAB (like if you go off-roading a lot). Both plate sizes fit on the BlackBerry (8300) no problem.

    I did this because I have on the BlackBerry's the protective rubber skin, which means they don't fit into any pre-formed custom phone holders. And it is really easy to take it on/off while driving to check something.
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    Re: Creative Magnetic Car Mount

    ok show us a pic of this setup installed... I'm curious
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    Re: Creative Magnetic Car Mount

    ~via BB ( to, sounds creative

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