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Okay, so I've had my Pearl for about a month, and it's already got a ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    Case? Skin? What?


    Okay, so I've had my Pearl for about a month, and it's already got a nick on it where the top sticks out of the provided leather case, so I'm meditating on getting another case and/or skin, one that would offer the top protection as well as the rest of the BB.

    I will say, I'm somewhat biased against silicon rubber skins, as I've had bad luck with them on my ipod. They seem to attract dirt/fuzz in a major way. Oh, and a clip is not a requirement . . . it's usually in my pocket, on my desk or in my purse . . .

    I'm looking for suggestions, opinions, links to websites and/or other threads to help me make an informed decision on the best way to protect my investment in this nifty piece of hardware.

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    Re: Case? Skin? What?

    If you want something to just cover and protect from scratches...I would go with Bestskinsever.
    Cheap and works exactly like the more expensive stuff. all depends on what you're looking for here. If you want full coverage or just a buffer for droppage. There are a ton of these...Seidio, Otterbox, etc. Not sure if they have cases for your model yet though since it's so new. Here's Seidio:

    My setup is this:

    BSE(Bestskinsever) screen only
    Seidio Hybrid case
    8800 leather pocket pouch

    Keep in mind if you get a Seidio Case and BSE the Seidio case will only fit with a screen protector and not the whole body skin. Also your pearl won't fit in your pouch with a case.

    If you like using your pouch case, just get the total body BSE and then use it that way. When I had a pearl that's the way I did it. Kept it protected in my pocket and lint free.

    Good luck!

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