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Hello, Will the Case-Mate- skin cover for the Curve fit inside the OEM BB leather ... BlackBerry Accessories forum

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    Case-Mate cover for 8310 Curve


    Will the Case-Mate- skin cover for the Curve fit inside the OEM BB leather case that has the magnetic sleep mode.
    I know it's a tight fit without the Case-Mate skin not attached.
    Has anyone tried this yet

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    I haven`t tried it. But I have a silicone skin on my BB and instead of getting the OEM case fr the 8310, I got the OEM case for the 8800. It is a tiny bit bigger and it fits perfectly with my skin.

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    I have a Speck clear case and just replaced that with the burgundy Seidio case, both of which fit inside OEM BB case (the one with the flap over the top). The Speck goes in and out pretty easily, but the Seidio, because of the rubberized plastic, takes a bit more effort. Regardless, they both fit in the OEM BB case. From the looks of the Case-Mate, it would probably work as well.

    Seidio needs to make a cover that has integrated screen protection instead of having to apply their screen guard. The Speck has that feature, but their clear plastic case doesn't feel as good as the Seidio and probably wouldn't protect the device as well in the case of a fall or something.

    Aside from the Otterbox, does anyone know of another case that has the kind of protection I've described?

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    I have a seidio hybrid will fit fine in a new oem blackberry leather holster, but my casemate is a very very tight fit....I can just barely get the magnet to work. But my blackberry oem case being new I'm thinking it would loosen up with use.
    But probably still be snug.
    I also have an otterbox case which will of course not fit in anything but it's own's great for some things though.

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